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Zemaitis guitar Zemaitis Guitars is a guitar-manufacturing company based in Tokyo, Japan. The company's guitars are based on designs by the English luthier Tony Zemaitis. The company is led by his son, Tony Zemaitis, Jr., and produces both electric and acoustic guitars.

Zemaitis guitars are world-renowned as handcrafted precision instruments of the highest quality. Some models are highly collectable and have a particularly high price tag. The guitars are also noted for their engravings by Danny O'Brien.

Tony Zemaitis began producing guitars in the 1950s and entered the guitar making profession full-time in 1965. During the 1970's, he began experimenting with placing a metal shield on the top of the guitar in order to eliminate microphonic noise picked up by the guitars' pickups. To enhance the visual aspect of the guitars, Zemaitis enlisted the skills of gun engraver Danny O'Brien. The designs include elaborate pearl inlay, either of figures like dragons and skulls or complete mosaic-like inlaid tops.

Since Zemaitis Sr.'s retirement in 2000, original Zemaitis guitars have become highly collectible and command very high prices. After his death in 2002, the Zemaitis family continued the guitar-building business in Tokyo, offering both high-end hand-built guitars, and a more affordable "Greco Zemaitis" line of guitars. The current production is based on original drawings by Tony Zemaitis Sr.