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Washburn guitar The Washburn guitar company started making guitars in 1883 in Chicago. The factory would later be involved and located near a musical movement in Chicago in the 1920's, the Delta Blues movement, which came as a result of an influx of African Americans to the area. This type of blues would change the way blues music was played, and would also change rock and roll. This blues movement helped in the success of Washburn guitars. Washburn guitars were very popular during the 1920's. The musicians played the guitars as well as making them by hand. The Washburn guitar and the blues movement that it was involved with are associated with Maxwell Street. This street is only a few blocks from the factory, and where Washburn guitars were first embraced.

Washburn makes electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric basses, acoustic basses, banjos, mandolins, travel guitars, and amplifiers. The company also makes accessories including guitar cases, clothing, and other parts like tuners, pick ups, and straps. Washburn is mostly known for its electric guitars and acoustic guitars. The company makes eight different styles or Series of both electric and acoustic guitars.

Washburn guitars have been gaining much recognition in recent years. More and more bands - regardless of their success or popularity - have been playing Washburn guitars. This is particularly true within the extreme metal, hardcore punk and post-rock scenes.

Many Washburn guitars equipped with humbuckers have a feature called VCC, which is currently available only on Washburn. VCC stands for Voice Contour Control and it is a unique coil tapping system that allows players to incrementally blend between a humbucking sound and a single coil sound without the hum normally associated with single coils. In other words, it gives the player the option of a warm/thick humbucker sound, or a thinner single coil sound at the twist of a knob. With VCC at 10 on the guitar knob, you get a fuller, thicker sound characteristic of humbucking pickups.