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Warwick bass guitar Warwick is a bass guitar company from Germany founded in 1982 by Hans-Peter Wilfer. Warwick basses were originally a premium brand offering a small range of models built from high quality and exotic tonewoods with 'Neck-through' design. Together with the original portfolio of models, the company now offer budget models, many of which are 'bolt-on neck' versions of the originals.

All Warwick basses are built in Germany, except for acoustic Alien basses that are built in Vietnam, the Pro Series from Korea that include the Corvette Standard models, and the budget line of Warwick, RockBass, which is produced in China.

Most of Warwick's Special and Limited Edition are built using 'exotic' woods, different pickups and electronic configurations and custom finishes. There are around forty Special Edition basses currently in production, while the company offer a special-run Limited Edition bass annually. These basses are usually upgraded versions of existing models that have features otherwise unavailable.

Warwick produces near twenty signature basses. Some of the artists that have their signature Warwick basses are Stuart Zender, Jack Bruce, Bootsy Collins, T.M. Stevens, Robert Trujillo, P-Nut, Jonas Hellborg, Adam Clayton, John Entwistle and J├Ącki Reznicek. It is also interesting to note that P-Nut of 311 has three signature basses, all Streamer models. Stuart Zender signature bass is designed by the likes of Stuart Zender, and features a body shape new to Warwick basses. In 2010, Robert Trujillo's two signature 5-string Streamer basses were first introduced.