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Vox guitars Vox's first electric guitars, the Clubman and Stroller were modeled after the Fender Stratocaster, which at the time, was not available in the U.K. These first guitars were low-price, low-quality models made by a cabinet maker in Shoeburyness, Essex. In 1962 Vox introduced the pentagonal Vox Phantom guitar, originally made in England but soon after made by EKO of Italy. Phil "Fang" Volk of Paul Revere & the Raiders played a Phantom IV bass (which for some reason was eventually retrofitted with a Fender neck). It was followed a year later by the teardrop-shaped Mark VI, the prototype of which was made specifically for Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones, using a Fender Stratocaster bridge. By the end of the decade, Stones bassist Bill Wyman was himself playing a teardrop-bodied bass, made for him by the company, and subsequently marketed as the Wyman Bass. Vox experimented with built-in effects and electronics, with guitars such as the Cheetah and Ultrasonic offering numerous built-in effects. Among many innovations were the Guitar Organ, which featured miniaturized VOX organ circuitry activated by the contact of strings with fret contacts, producing organ tones in key with guitar chords. . This instrument was heavy and cumbersome with its steel neck and external circuit boxes, and rarely worked correctly, but was a hallmark of the ingenuity of this company.

In the mid 1960's, as the sound of electric 12-string guitars became popular, Vox introduced the Phantom XII, which has been used by Tony Hicks of The Hollies, Captain Sensible of early English punk band The Damned and Hilton Valentine of The Animals; and Mark XII electric 12-string guitars as well as the Tempest XII, also made in Italy, which featured a more conventional body style. The Phantom XII and Mark XII both featured a unique Bigsby style 12-string vibrato tailpiece, the only 12 string electric guitar to feature such a vibrato. Vox produced a number of other models of 6 and 12 string electric guitars in both England and Italy. Guitar effects pedals, including an early version of the wah-wah pedal used by Jimi Hendrix and the Tone Bender fuzzbox pedal used by Jimmy Page of the Yardbirds were also manufactured. In 1967 Vox introduced a series of guitars which featured built in effects such as fuzz tone, repeater tremolo, and a wah-wah operated by the heel of the picking hand pushing on a spring loaded lever over the bridge. The Delta phantom style guitar and bass, the Starstream teardrop 6-string, and Constellation teardrop bass had such effects.

Vox had experimented with Japanese manufacturers at the end of the sixties with the Les Paul style VG2, and in 1982 all guitar production was moved to Japan, where the Standard & Custom 24 & 25 guitars and basses were built by Matsumoku, the makers of Aria guitars. These are generally regarded as the best quality guitars ever built under the Vox name. However, they were discontinued in 1985 when production was moved to Korea and they were replaced by the White Shadow models, although a number of White Shadow M Series guitars and basses are clearly marked as made in Japan, suggesting a phased production hand-over.

The Vox brand is now owned by Marshall, who are producing a limited number of nostalgia amplifiers under that name.


Folk XII
Mando Guitar
Mark III
Mark III 50th Anniversary
Mark VI
Mark VI Reissue
Mark IX
Mark XII
Meteor/Super Meteor
New Orleans
Phantom Mark III
Phantom VI
Phantom XII
Starstream XII
Student Prince
Super Ace
Super Lynx
Super Lynx Deluxe
Tempest XII
Thunder Jet

Bass Guitars

Apollo IV Bass
Astro IV Bass
Clubman Bass
Constellation IV Bass
Cougar Bass
Delta IV Bass
Guitar-Organ Bass
Mark IV Bass
Panther Bass
Phantom IV Bass
Saturn IV Bass
Sidewinder IV Bass V272
Stinger Bass
Violin Bass
Wyman Bass


4120 Bass Amp
7120 Guitar Amp
AC-4 Amp
AC-10 Amp
AC-10 Twin Amp
AC-15 Amp
AC-15 Twin Amp
AC-15 50th Anniversary Amp
AC-15H1TV Heritage Amp
AC-15 TBX Amp
AC-15CC Custom Classic Amp
AC-30 Reissue Amp
AC-30 Super Twin Amp
AC-30 Twin/Top Boost Amp
AC-30CC Custom Classic Amp
AC-50 Amp Head
AC-100 MK I Amp
AC-100 Super DeLuxe Mark II Amp
Berkeley II V108 Tube Amp
Berkeley II V1081 Solidstate Amp
Berkeley III Solidstate Amp
Buckingham Amp
Cambridge 15 Amp
Cambridge 30 Reverb Amp
Cambridge 30 Reverb Twin 210 Amp
Cambridge Reverb V103 Amp
Cambridge Reverb V1031 Amp
Churchill PA V119 Amp Head/V1091 Cabinet Set
Climax V-125 Lead Combo Amp
Defiant Amp
Escort Amp
Essex Bass V1042 Amp
Foundation Bass Amp
Kensington Bass V1241 Amp
Pacemaker V102 Tube Amp
Pacemaker V1021 Amp
Pathfinder V101 Tube Amp
Pathfinder V1011 Solidstate Amp
Pathfinder 15 Amp
Royal Guardsman Amp (V1131/V1132)
Scorpion Amp
Super Beatle Amp (V1141/V1142)
Viscount V1151/V1152 Amp
Westminster V118 Bass Amp