Valco on Ebay
Valco guitar amplifier In the 1940's, Valco was formed by three business partners and former owners of the National Dobro Company: Victor Smith, Al Frost, and Louis Dopyera. The company name was a combination of the three partner's first initials (V. A. L.) plus the common abbreviation for company (Co.).

Valco manufactured Spanish acoustic guitars, metal-faced resonator guitars, electric lap steel guitars, and vacuum tube amplifiers under a variety of brand names including Supro, Airline, Oahu, National, and others. They also made amplifiers under contract for several other companies such as Gretsch, Danelectro, Harmony, and Kay. In the 1960's they began producing solid body electric guitars.

Valco merged with Kay Musical Instrument Company in 1967, however the merged company quickly went out of business in 1968 because of financial difficulties.

Some Valco products, particularly the solidbody electric guitars produced between 1962 and 1967, and certain Supro amplifiers, are highly sought after by collectors of vintage guitar gear.