Tom Anderson Guitarworks

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Tom Anderson guitar Tom Anderson Guitarworks is an American guitar manufacturer based in Newbury Park, California. Due to their high quality models, use of specific tone woods, low volume production, and being highly sought after by professional musicians. Tom Anderson Guitarworks is generally considered to be a boutique guitar brand. Tom Anderson Guitarworks guitars use the Buzz Feiten Tuning System and feature Elixer Strings.

Tom Anderson worked for Dave Schecter helping establish the Schecter guitar brand from 1977 until Schecter was sold in 1984 at which time Tom started Tom Anderson Guitarworks to make guitar pickups and guitar necks. Soon after he was contacted to produce pickups for the new owners of Schecter because they were not getting the sound they were looking for in their Japanese produced pickups. This standing order, coupled with their growing reputation for making replacement necks and bodies helped forge the brand and allow Tom Anderson Guitarworks to focus production solely on their own line of guitars by 1990.