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Steinberger bass guitar Steinberger refers to a series of distinctive electric guitars and bass guitars, designed and originally manufactured by Ned Steinberger. The word Steinberger can be used to refer to either the instruments themselves or the company that produced them. Although the name has been applied to a variety of instruments, it is primarily associated with a minimalist headless design of electric basses and electric guitars.

The most famous Steinberger design is the L-series instrument. Initially produced as an electric bass and later as a guitar, the instrument was made entirely of the Steinberger Blend, a proprietary graphite and carbon fiber mix in two pieces: the main body and a faceplate. It had no headstock for tuning, tuning instead at a redesigned tailpiece using micrometer-style tuners and special strings with a ball at both ends. This design quickly became known as headless. The rationale for the overall design was the elimination of unnecessary weight, especially the unbalanced headstock, and the use of modern materials, such as graphite, for their advantages over older materials.

Another innovation created by Ned Steinberger for some of these instruments was the Trans-Trem, a patented transposing tremolo assembly that detuned the strings in tensional parallel, so that the entire tuning of the instrument could be changed immediately with one knob, and chords played during tremolo use (up or down) stayed in perfect tune. Additionally, the Trans-Trem had a small stepped stop, which allowed the Trans-Trem to essentially act as a capo. Bass and guitar versions were available.