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Rickenbacker guitar Rickenbacker has been in the business of producing musical instruments since 1932. They produced the first electric guitar, and are still in business manufacturing electric guitars today.

During the 1960's, Rickenbacker got a huge boost to their sales when a couple of Rickenbacker guitar models became permanently associated with the sound and look of the Beatles. In Hamburg in 1960, John Lennon bought a Rickenbacker 325 Capri, which he used throughout the early days of the group; he played this guitar for the Beatles' famous 1964 debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. Lennon also played a 12-string 325, as well as a newer-model 6-string 325, which he played on the group's second Sullivan appearance. George Harrison also played 425 as well as a 360/12, a 12-string model that Harrison used from the A Hard Day's Night album onward.

The most famous use of Rickenbacker guitars with the Beatles, however, was Paul McCartney's left-handed 1964 4001S FG Rickenbacker bass, which he began using after the group's 1965 tour. The instrument became popular with other bassists influenced by his highly melodic style, as it produces a clear tone even when played high up the neck, as well as its deep cutaways allowing easy access to the higher frets.

Partly because of the Beatles' popularity and their consistent use of the brand, Rickenbackers were quickly adopted by many other 1960's notables. The Byrds' Roger McGuinn, already a 12-string acoustic player, noticed Harrison's Rickenbacker in A Hard Day's Night and bought his own Rickenbacker 12-string shortly thereafter.

As both the British invasion and the 1960's came to an end, Rickenbacker guitars fell somewhat out of fashion; however, Rickenbacker basses remained highly in favor through the 1970's and on. Rickenbacker guitars and basses continue to be very popular to this day with demand persistently and exponentially outstripping new factory supply. Demand is particularly high amongst retro groups who have been influenced by the sound and look of the 1960's.


Electro ES-16
Electro ES-17
Electro Spanish
Model 220 Hamburg
Model 230 GF Glenn Frey
Model 230 Hamburg
Model 250 El Dorado
Model 260 El Dorado
Model 310
Model 315
Model 320
Model 320/12V63
Model 325 (John Lennon)
Model 325 JL
Modle 325/12
Model 325C58
Model 325C64
Model 325V59
Model 325V63
Model 330
Model 330 F
Model 330/12
MOdel 330S/12
Model 331 Light Show
Model 335
Model 335 F
Model 336/12
Model 340
Model 340 F
Model 340/12
Model 345
Model 345 F
Model 345 Reissue
Model 350 Liverpool
Model 350 SH
Model 350/12V63 Liverpool
Model 350V63 Liverpool
Model 355 JL
Model 355/12 JL
Model 360
Model 360V64
Modle 360 CW
Model 360 DCM 75th Anniversary
Model 360 F
Model 360 Tuxedo
Model 360 WB
Model 360/12
Model 360/12 CW
Model 360/12 Tuxedo
Model 360/12 VP
Model 360/12 WB
Model 360/12C63
Model 360/12V64
Model 362/12
Model 365
Model 365 F
Model 366/12 Convertible
Model 370
Model 370 F
Model 370 WB
Model 370/12
Model 370/12 RM
Model 375
Model 375 F
Model 380 L Laguna
Model 381
Model 381 JK
Model 381/12V69
Model 381V69
Model 382
Model 383
Model 384
Model 400/Combo 400
Model 420
Model 425/Combo 425
Model 425/12V63
Model 425V63
Model 430
Model 450 (Combo 450)
Model 450/12
Model 450V63
Model 456/12 Convertible
Model 460
Model 480
Model 481
Model 483
Model 600/Combo 600
Model 610
Model 610/12
Model 615
Model 620
Model 620/12
Model 625
Model 650/Combo 650
Model 650 A Atlantis
Model 650 C Colorado
Model 650 D Dakota
Model 650 E Excalibur
Modle 650 F Frisco
Model 650 S Sierra
Model 660
Model 660 DCM 75th Anniversary
Model 660/12
Model 660/12 TP
Model 800/Combo 800
Model 850/Combo 850
Model 900
Model 950/Combo 950
Model 1000
Model 1993/12 RM
Model 1996 RM
Model 1996 RM Reissue
Model 1997 PT
Model 1997 RM
Model 1997 RM Reissue
Model 1997 SPC
Model 1998 RM
Rickenbacker Spanish

Bass Guitars

Electric Upright Bass
Model 1999 Rose-Morris Bass
Model 2030 Hamburg Bass
Model 2030GF Glenn Frey Bass
Model 2050 El Dorado Bass
Model 2060 El Dorado Bass
Model 3000 Bass
Model 3001 Bass
Model 3261 Rose-Morris Slimline Bass
Model 4000 Bass
Model 4001 Bass
Model 4001 C64S Bass
Model 4001 CS Bass
Model 4001 FL Bass
Model 4001 V63 Bass
Model 4001S Bass
Model 4002 Bass
Model 4003 Bass
Model 4003 FL Bass
Model 4003 S Bass
Model 4003 S Redneck Bass
Model 4003 S Tuxedo Bass
Model 4003 S/5 Bass
Model 4003 S/8 Bass
Model 4003 S/SPC Blackstar Bass
Model 4004 C Cheyenne I/II Bass
Model 4005 Bass
Model 4005 L Lightshow Bass
Model 4005 WB Bass
Model 4005-6 Bass
Model 4005-8 Bass
Model 4008 Bass
Model 4080 Doubleneck Bass


E-12 Amp
Electro-Student Amp
Model B-9E Amp
Model M-8 Amp
Model M-11 Amp
Model M-12 Amp
Model M-14A Amp
Model M-15 Amp
Model M-30 EK-O-Sound Amp
Professional Model 200-A Amp
RB30 Amp
RB60 Amp
RB120 Amp
Supersonic Model B-16 Amp
Supersonic Model B-22 Amp Head
TR7 Amp
TR14 Amp
TR25 Amp
TR35 Bass Amp
TR75G Amp
TR75SG Amp
TR100G Amp
Transonic TS100 Amp