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Ramirez classical guitar Ramirez Guitars (Guitarras Ramírez in Spanish) is a Spanish manufacturer of high-quality classical and flamenco guitars. Ramirez guitars have now been produced by four generations of the family. The company was founded in 1882, when José Ramírez opened a workshop at 2 Concepción Jerónima, Madrid.

The company built concert guitars for Andrés Segovia, larger and more powerful than those of the Torres company. These guitars featured a longer scale length, and asymmetrical bracing unlike the symmetrical Torres pattern. More radical still, in 1963 they built a ten-string guitar for Narciso Yepes, to accommodate Yepes' unique chromatically balanced tuning, and later an eight-string guitar for José Tomás. High-end professional models based on both of these extended-range guitars remain in the company's current catalog.

The Ramirez guitar has become the most imitated and discussed guitar of our century. Now in its fourth generation, the history of the Ramirez family is laced with the traditions of Spanish guitar building, carefully handed down from father to child. Concert artists and students worldwide continue to seek out Ramirez guitars for their legendary and unmistakable sound.
The Ramirez dynasty spans four generations of master luthiers and has created some of the finest instruments in the world. The Ramirez sound has been coveted by some of the world's most famous players, stretching from Segovia to Eric Clapton. George Harrison played a Ramirez on the Beatles' early hit "And I Love Her."

Ramirez guitars have contributed to increasing the prestige and universal approval of the classical guitar.