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Paul Reed Smith PRS guitar PRS (aka Paul Reed Smith) Guitars is an American guitar manufacturer headquartered in Stevensville, Maryland. PRS Guitars was founded by guitarist and luthier Paul Reed Smith in 1985. Paul Reed Smith Guitars is a leading manufacturer of high-end electric guitars. PRS guitars, originally crafted for local guitar players, have become highly prized by musicians and collectors around the world.

The bodies of PRS guitars are crafted of mahogany, with a maple top on most models. They often feature highly figured tops, including flame maple, quilt maple, and figured maple creating the effect of tiger stripes. PRS necks are usually made from mahogany, although some models feature maple or Indian or Brazilian rosewood necks; fingerboards are made of rosewood. PRS's signature fret markers include the lower end moons, and the higher end birds. The moons appear similar to standard dot inlays, but have a crescent more prominent than the rest of the dot. The bird inlays feature nine or ten different birds inlayed at the appropriate frets. Just to note,since 1995, most of there guitars have been CNC made guitars, noting that the guitars should be less expensive. Inlay materials have included semiprecious stones; iridescent shells, including abalone and abalone laminates; gold; and even unearthed ivory from an (extinct) woolly mammoth.

Nuts are synthetic; tuners are of PRS's own design, although some models feature Korean-made Kluson-style tuners. PRS guitars feature three original bridge designs: a one-piece pre-intonated stoptail, an intonatable is unique to PRS and can be used because PRS manufacturing tolerances are so tight, guaranteeing that the distance between witness points will be within a few thousandths of an inch from guitar to guitar. This design does not however allow intonation to be adjusted to compensate for variations in string thickness or drop tuning. Two other designs are the PRS vibrato, which resembles a vintage Fender Stratocaster unit but with much better tonal stability due to less friction, and the more recent compensated wrapover tailpeice, which allows for height and intonation adjustment.

Pickups are designed and wound in-house; PRS is more secretive about magnet and wire type and construction than some aftermarket pickup manufacturers. PRS humbucking pickups have gone by many names, including HFS (Hot, Fat, and Screams); Vintage Bass; McCarty; Santana I, II, and III; Archtop; Dragon I and II; Artist I through IV; #6, #7, #8, #9, and #10, RP (after the initials of the designer, Ralph Perucci) and Soapbar. Further adding to the obscurity, many of the above pickup types are actually a pair of pickups wound in opposing directions, one intended for the neck and one for the bridge position.

Prominent PRS players include Ted Nugent, Carlos Santana, Al DiMeola, and Alex Lifeson of Rush.


10th Anniversary
25th Anniversary Emma Acoustic
25th Anniversary Modern Eagle III
25th Anniversary Singlecut Hollowbody II
25th Anniversary Tonare Grand Acoustic
415 Rosewood
513 Swamp Ash
Angelus Acoustic
Artist/Artist I/Artist 24
Artist II/Artist 22
Artist III
Artist IV
Artist Limited
CE 22
CE 22 Maple Top
CE 24
CE 24 Maple Top
Chris Henderson Model
Custom (Custom 24/PRS Custom)
Custom 22
Custom 22 Brazilian
Custom 22 Soapbar
Custom 22/12
Custom 24
Custom 24 Brazilian
Custom 24 Ltd. 2010
Custom 24 Walnut
Dave Navarro Signature
DGT Savid Grisson Tremolo
Dragon I
Dragon II
Dragon III
Dragon 2000
Dragon 2002
Dragon Doubleneck
EG II Maple Top
EG 3
EG 4
Golden Eagle
Hollowbody 12
Hollowbody II
Johnny Hiland
Limited Edition
LTD (Limited) Experience
McCarty Model
McCarty 58
McCarty II
McCarty Archtop
McCarty Archtop Artist
McCarty Archtop II
McCarty Hollowbody
McCarty Hollowbody II
McCarty Hollowbody Spruce
McCarty Model Brazilian
McCarty Rosewood
McCarty Soapbar
McCarty Soapbar Standard
McCarty Standard
ME Quatro
Mira X
Modern Eagle
Private Stock (customs)
PRS Guitar
Rosewood Limited
Santana II
Santana III
Santana Brazilian
SC 245
SC 250
SC 58
SC-J Thinline
SE Series
Singlecut Standard Satin
Smokeburst McCarty
Standard 22
Standard 24
Starla Stoptail
Starla X
Studio Maple Top
Swamp Ash Special
Tonare Grand
Tremonti Signature
West Street (1980 West Street Ltd.)

Bass Guitars

CE Bass-4
CE Bass-5
Curly Bass-4
Curly Bass-5
Electric Bass


4x12 Straight-Front Cabinet
HG-70 Amp Head
HG-212 Amp