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Ovation guitar The Ovation Guitar Company, a holding of Kaman Music Corporation, is a guitar manufacturing company based in New Hartford, Connecticut. Ovation primarily manufactures acoustic guitars. Ovation guitars are differentiated by their composite synthetic bowl, rather than the traditional wooden back and sides of the modern acoustic guitar as produced by luthiers starting in the late 18th century. Ovation has also produced solid body electric guitars and active basses.

Developed starting in 1966 and introduced as the 'Balladeer' in February, 1967, Ovations reached the height of their popularity in the 1980's, where they were more often than not seen during live performances by touring artists if acoustic guitars were being played. Ovation guitars' synthetic bowl and early use (1971) of preamps, onboard equalization and piezo pickups were particularly attractive to live acoustic musicians who constantly battled feedback problems from the high volumes needed in live venues. Since the 1980's they have remained popular with studio musicians, but are less frequently seen on stage.

In 1972, Ovation introduced one of the first production solid body electric guitars with active electronics, the Ovation Breadwinner. The model failed to gain widespread popularity, however, and production of the Breadwinner and the Ovation Deacon ceased in 1980. Ovation made several other solid body models up until the mid 80s. Many of these guitars have become collector's items since only a few thousand were made of each model. Since that time the company's main focus has been acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars.

Other Ovation innovations include composite tops and multiple offset sound holes on guitar tops, pioneered in the Adamas model in 1977. Kaman Music has also sold budget guitars—and even mandolins and ukuleles—based on similar design principles to the Ovation such as the Korean-built Celebrity series and the Korean or Chinese-built Applause brand.

Notable Ovation guitar players include John Lennon, Shania Twain, Richard Daniel Roman, Jim Croce, Maury Muehleisen, Joan Armatrading, Glen Campbell, Al Di Meola, Melissa Etheridge, Richie Sambora, Kaki King, Cyndi Lauper, Adrian Legg, Steve Lukather, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley, Dave Mustaine, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Aaron Tippin, Bob Marley, Robert Fripp, Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Country Joe McDonald, Victor Heredia, Nancy Wilson, and many others.


Adamas 1587
Adamas 1597
Adamas 1687
Adamas CVT W591
Adamas II 1881 NB-2
Anniversary Electric 1657
Balladeer 1111
Balladeer Artist 1121
balladeer Classic 1122
Balladeer Custom 1112
Balladeer Custom 1655/1755 12-String Electric
Balladeer Custom 1612/1712 Electric
Balladeer Standard 6751 LX 12-String
Balladeer Standard 1561-1861
Balladeer Standard 1171 LX
Breadwinner 1251
Celebrity CC-48
Celebrity CC-57
Celebrity CK-057
Celebrity CS-257
Classic 1613/1713
Classic 1663/1763
Classic 1863
Collectors Series
Concert Classic 1116
Contemporary Folk 1616 Classic Electric
Country Arist 6773 Classic Electric
Custom Balladeer 1762
Custom Legend 1117
Custom Legend 1569
Custom Legend 1619/1719
Custom Legend 1759
Custom Legend 1769
Custom Legend 1869
Deacon 1252
Deacon 1253 12-String
Elite 1718
Elite 1758
Elite 1858 12-STring
Elite 1868
Elite 5858
Elite Doubleneck
Folklore 1614
Glen Campbell 1118 12-String
Glen Campbell Artist Balladeer 1127
Glen Campbell Artist 1627
Hurrican K-1120 12-String
Josh White 1114
Legend 1117
Legend 1567/1867
Legend 1866 12-String
Legend 1717
Legend 1767
Legend Cutaway 1667
Legend Electric 1617
Pacemaker 115/1615 12-String
Patriot Bicentennial
Pinnacle Shallow Cutaway
Preacher 1281
Preacher Deluxe 1282
Preacher 12-String 1285
Thunderhead 1460
Tornado 1260
UK II 1291
Ultra GS Series
Ultra Series
Viper 1271
Viper EA 68
Viper III 1273
VXT Hybrid

Bass Guitars

Celebrity Series Bass
Magnum I Bass
Magnum II Bass
Magnum III Bass
Magnum IV Bass
Typhoon II Bass
Typhoon III Bass