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National resonator guitars The National String Instrument Corporation was the company formed to manufacture the first resonator guitars. The company was formed by John Dopyera, the luthier who had invented the resonator, and George Beauchamp, the steel guitar player who had suggested to Dopyera the need for a louder guitar able to play a melody that would be heard among brass and other wind instruments.

In 1927, the first resonator instruments were produced and sold under the National brand. They had metal bodies and a tricone resonator system, with three aluminium cones joined by a T-shaped aluminium spider. Wooden-bodied models soon followed, based on cheap plywood student guitar bodies supplied by the Kay, Harmony, and other established guitar manufacturers.

In 1928, Dopyera left National, and together with four of his brothers formed the Dobro Manufacturing Company to produce a competing single resonator design, with the resonator cone inverted. John Dopyera continued to hold stock in National. The Dobro design was both cheaper to produce and louder than the tricone. National replied by introducing their own single resonator design, the biscuit, which Dopyera claimed to have designed before leaving although the patent was registered by Beauchamp. National also continued to produce tricone designs, which were preferred by some players for their tone.

In the late 1980's the National name and trademark reappeared on reproduction resonator instruments manufactured by National Reso-Phonic Guitars. As of 2010 their model range includes not only the tricone and biscuit mechanisms used on the original National instruments, but also the inverted cone design used on the Dobro.


Aragon Deluxe
Aristocrat 1110/1111
Avalon 1124
Big Daddy LP-457-2
Bluegrass 35
Bobbie Thomas
Bolero 1123
California 1100
Club Combo
Cosmopolitan 1122
Debonaire 1107
Don Style 1
Don Style 2
Don Style 3
Dynamic 1125
EG 685 Hollow Body Electric
El Trovador
Electric Spanish
Glenwood 95
Glenwood 98
Glenwood 99
Glenwood 1105
Glenwood Deluxe
Model 1122
Model 1135
Model 1140
Model 1150
Model 115
Newport 82
Newport 84
Newport 88
Pro Dual Pickup
Studio 66
Style 0
Style 0 Tenor
Style 1 Tricone
Style 1 Tricone Tenor
Style 1-1/2 Tricone
Style 2 Tricone
Style 3 Tricone
Style 4 Tricone
Style 35
Style 97
Style N
Town and Country 1104
Val-Pro 82
Val-Pro 84
Val-Pro 88
Varsity 66
Westwood 72
Westwood 75
Westwood 77