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Mosrite Ventures guitar Mosrite was a manufacturer of guitars established by Semie Moseley which operated between the 1950's and early 1990's. Mosrite guitars were known for their innovative design, beautiful engineering, very thin, low-fretted and narrow necks, and extremely high-output pickups. Moseley's design for the Ventures, known as the Ventures Model (later known as the Mark I), was generally considered to be the flagship of the line, but all of his guitars bore his unmistakable touch. Mosrite also produced several types of double-necked guitars.

Moseley designed his own hand vibrato units. The Vibramute consisted of a solid cast metal base and a string stop connected to a vibrato arm lifted by a large spring. The bridge, also designed by Moseley, he called the Roller Matic bridge. Each string sat atop a raised post with individual string rollers. This allows for the tension between the string stop and bridge to stay equal to the tension between the bridge and nut, which helps the guitar stay in tune and reduces string wear when using the tremolo. Early models of the Vibramute also had, as its name implies, a foam rubber string mute at the front, similar to the Fender Jaguar, but most players disliked it. That, in conjunction with many requests to lengthen the rather short vibrato handle, led Moseley to slightly re-design the unit for the 1965 and beyond guitars. He named this incarnation the Moseley vibrato, though its differences with the Vibramute are slight.

The body of Mosrite Ventures models are shaped so that the lower horn of the body is longer than the upper. Many Mosrite guitars have a beveled edge around the body called a German carve. The Gospel models have a unique flat face body with rounded edges.

Stereo 350 models are shaped similar to Fender's Telecaster guitar. Stereo 350 models feature two output jacks and a circuit to send each pickup's signal to a different amp, If desired.

Bluesbender and Brass Rail guitars are shaped similar to Gibson's Les Paul.


Brass Rail
Celebrity 1
Celebrity 2
Celebrity 3
Combo Mark 1
D-40 Resonator Guitar
D-100 Californian
Joe Maphis Mark 1
Joe Maphis Mark XVIII
Mosrite 1988
Octave Guitar
Stereo 350
Ventures Model
Ventures Jonas Ridge/Boonville
Ventures Mark V
Ventures Mark XII 12-String

Bass Guitars

Brut Bass
Celebrity Bass
Combo Bass
Joe Maphis Bass
Ventures Bass
VII Bass


Model 400 Fuzzrite Amp