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Lakland bass guitar Lakland Musical Instruments, LLC, produces electric basses. Lakland was founded by Dan Lakin and Hugh McFarland, along with Carl Pedigo and is based in Chicago, Illinois. Lakland basses officially went into production in 1995. Lakland's success has been detailed in numerous publications including Forbes magazine and Music Inc, Magazine. In April 2010 Lakin sold Lakland to a group led by Hanson Musical Instruments.

The first Lakland prototype began creation in January 1994 and was first shown at the NAMM Show in July 1994. The prototype was a blend of a Fender Jazz Bass and Music Man StingRay. It was made of ash with a quilted maple top and featured a 22-fret quartersawn rock maple neck (no graphite reinforcement) with a birdseye maple fingerboard. The headstock was altered after pressure from Fender to change it due to similarities. The prototype featured the now classic "dual-access" (strings-through-body/top-load) Lakland oval bridge plate but was made from aluminium which Hugh McFarland felt offered a better sound. This was later changed to chrome plated steel.

Lakland basses came with graphite-reinforced maple necks featuring rosewood, maple or ebony fingerboards, solid alder or ash bodies, active Bartolini humbucking pickups (since then, they have replaced by similar-type pickups of Lakland's own manufacture); 3-band active EQ, in 4 and 5-string versions, fretted and fretless. Some models are available with a pickguard and Seymour Duncan Basslines pickups.

Lakland also produces "signature" instruments for Jerry Scheff, Joe Osborn, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Darryl Jones and Bob Glaub. These instruments featured Lindy Fralin pickups, and were also available with "Dark Star" pickups (similar in design to the pickups used on Guild basses of the '60s and '70s). As of 2008, the Fralin pickups were replaced by similar units of Lakland's own manufacture, as well as the newly-created "Chi-Sonic" pickups, whose name came as the result of a contest staged by the company.

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