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Jackson guitar Jackson is a guitar manufacturer originally owned and operated by Cole Davey, a partner of Wayne Charvel of Charvel Guitar Repair. It started with the creation of the Concord, later known as the Rhoads V model guitar, originally designed and used by guitarist Randy Rhoads.

In the Fall of 2002, Fender Musical Instrument Corporation purchased Jackson/Charvel, and operations were moved to the Fender factory in Corona, California. Fender is now manufacturing guitars that are almost exactly like the original San Dimas Charvels, save for a few details. Both Jackson and Charvel models are being produced at Corona. This had short term negative consequences, as much of the artists who were on the company's roster list in the 1980's and 1990's left to endorse other guitar companies.

Jackson Guitars has become known for its slender and elegant models, often with an aggressive look popular with harder rock and metal music. Almost all Jackson (and many Charvel) guitars share the typical Gibson Explorer-like pointy drooped headstocks. Various models feature a reversed pointy headstock with the tip pointing upwards. Another trademark are their so called shark fin fret inlays, which inspired other famous guitar companies such as Ibanez to develop a similar design to that of Jackson's original, called shark tooth.


DX Series
Fusion Pro
Fusion USA
Kelly Custom
Kelly Pro
Kelly Standard
Kelly USA
Kelly XL
King V
Phil Collen
Phil Collen PC1
Phil Collen PC3
PS Performers Series
Randy Rhoads
Randy Rhoads (import)
Randy Rhoads (Japanese)
Randy Rhoads Limited Ed.
RX Series
San Dimas Serialized Plated
Soloist Custom
Soloist Shannon Model
Soloist Student J1
Soloist USA
Stealth EX
Stealth HX
Stealth XL
Surfcaster SC1
Warrior Pro
Warrior USA
Y2KV Dave Mustaine Signature

Bass Guitars

Concert C5P 5-String Bass
Concert Custom Bass
Concert EX 4-String Bass
Concert EX 5-String Bass
Concert XL 4-String Bass
Kelly Pro Bass
Piezo Bass
Soloist Bass