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Hagstrom guitars Hagstrom is a musical instrument manufacturer in Sweden. Their original products were accordions that they initially imported from Germany and then Italy before opening their own facility in 1932. During the 1960's, the company started making electric guitars and later amplifiers. The early guitars were heavily influenced by the accordion production and had a special look and feel. Hagström were the first company to mass produce 8 string bass guitars as well as the first to build a guitar/synthesizer hybrid (Swede Patch 2000). In 2004 the brand was resurrected and is now in production in China. In 2008 Hagström expanded their line of products including a re-issue of their famous Hagstrom H8, an 8 string bass.

The early Hagstrom Deluxe solid body guitars featured a distinctive sparkle and pearloid celluloid finish that was previously used on their line of accordions. Soon Hagstrom expanded their line-up of guitars to include hollow bodies like the Viking and the Jimmy. In 1961 the first line of Hagstrom basses was available to the public, this eventually came to include the groundbreaking 8 string bass.

Beside their line of instruments Hagstrom also produced amplifiers, speakers, effects, guitar strings and mixing consoles, which were used by ABBA on their first world tour. A very small run of lap steels, banjos, and mandolins were also built but are rare to come across. In 1962 Albin's son, Karl-Erik Hagström returned from working five years in the USA with establishing their Line O guitars. In 1967 he took over as CEO of the company. In their native Sweden, the company became well known not only for selling music hardware, but also for "teach-yourself" books and mail courses on electric guitar, bass, keyboards etc, learning tools that deliberately took in a rock and pop repertory, chord analysis and tuning apart from teaching how to read music. By recognizing the electric guitar as an instrument in its own right, and not just an amped-up version of the acoustic and by accepting the new repertory, Hagström popularized the instrumental skills of the new music outside of the networks associated with rock clubs, and record shops, and at a time when rock music was barely ever being written about from a musical perspective.


Corvette (Condor)
Cromwell/Model III/Hagstrom III
D'Aquisto Jimmy
Deluxe D-2H
F-20 (Chinese)
F-200 Futura/Model II
F-300 Futura/Model III
H-12 / Viking XII
H-22 Folk

Model I
Super Swede
Viking/V1 Reissue
Viking Deluxe/V2

Bass Guitars

8-String Bass
Coronado IV Bass
Kent Bass
Model I B/F-100 B Bass
Model II B/F-400 Bass
Swede 2000 Bass
Swede Bass
Super Swede Bass
V-IN Bass/Concord Bass