Gordon-Smith Guitars

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Gordon-Smith Guitars Gordon-Smith Guitars create hand made electric guitars, basses and mandolins from a workshop in Partington near Manchester, England. The company was founded in 1979 by Gordon Whitham and John Smith who combined parts of their names for the company name. Only the Smith part of the partnership remains now, assisted by his wife Linda. They have produced over 11,000 guitars. They are probably the largest manufacturer of guitars in the UK.

Their range includes their versions of classic guitars such as Gibson Les Paul Junior, Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Flying V, Gibson Explorer, Fender Stratocaster and Fender Telecaster. Most are available with various options for the finish and parts, e.g. different bridge.

Although the company often borrow designs from other established guitar makers, they also produce a line of their own designs. All modern designs currently use a brass nut, compared to a plastic nut used by many other manufacturers.

Gordon-Smith also make their own pickups. They were the first manufacturers to offer coil-tapped humbuckers.