Les Paul Standard SG Body

Les Paul Standard SG Body on Ebay
Les Paul Standard SG body In 1961 the Les Paul Standard model adopted (as the rest of the Les Paul line did) the double-cutaway SG body style. It would be formally renamed the SG Standard in late 1963, but during the intervening two-year period the guitar bore the classic Les Paul name while sporting the newer, 'modern' SG body.

At the time, sales of the Les Paul models were drooping a bit, and the SG double cutaway body was adopted to give the line a new, more modernistic look. But for a time the guitars still retained the Les Paul name befor the 'SG' designation could come into use.

The SG-style Standard featured a maple top with mahogany back and neck, rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid pearl inlays; side-pull or Gibson Deluxe vibrato; cherry or black finish.

Value: An Excellent-condition Les Paul Standard with SG body style, with original hardware, can bring between $11,000.00 and $16,000.00.