Gibson SG Standard

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Gibson SG Standard guitar Sales of Gibson's popular Les Paul line of solidbody electric guitars started falling a bit in 1961, so it was decided that the line would be redesigned a bit. Instead of a single cutaway (to ease the playing with the fingers in the higher-note frets), the line was made into a double-cutaway, 'devil-horns' type of design.

This is the design that would within a couple of years become known as the SG (for 'solid guitar'). It's a more modern, streamlined, and thinner guitar, and at the time was a hit with buyers. The Standard is the default of the SG line.

Eric Clapton played an SG for a while when he was with Cream; and George Harrison was also an early adopter. The most famous SG Standard player, of course, is Angus Young of AC-DC, who plays this style of guitar exclusively.

Gibson's SG Standard features two humbucking pickups, 4 volume/tone knobs, and a selector switch. The earliest models had a side-pull Gibson Deluxe vibrato tailpiece mechanism, with later models adopting an up-and-down Maestro vibrato (with the Gibson logo and a lyre etched on the coverplate). Earliest models had 'Les Paul Model' silkscreened on the peghead, as well as 'Les Paul' on the truss rod cover, which was gone by 1963. The larger pickguard, which encompasses the pickups, was adopted in 1966. Trapezoid mother-of-pearl inlays on the fingerboard.