Gibson SG Special Faded

Gibson SG Special Faded on Ebay
Gibson SG Special Faded This budget-conscious release of Gibson's popular SG Special is geared toward those purchasers who can't afford to spend more than a thousand dollars on a guitar, but who still want an SG that's genuinely Gibson (as opposed to Epiphone).

This model features two exposed-coil humbucking pickups and a dot-inlay fingerboard. The finish is worn cherry or worn brown, giving the guitar a 'pre-aged' look.

Note: Gibson also releaed a version of this guitar with 3 pickups in 2007.

Gibson released a 'worn cherry' Les Paul Special as well, but the SG began production in 2002 and is apparently still available.

Singer/songwriter Juliana Hatfield has been seen playing this guitar in her live shows.

Value: The SG Special Faded retails currently for $1,164.00.