Gibson SG Junior

Gibson SG Junior on Ebay
Gibson SG Junior guitar Gibson has traditionally produced varying price levels in their popular lines of guitars. Like its predecessor the Les Paul, the SG has as its bargain member the SG Junior.

The Junior, with its dotted neck and single P-90 pickup, was the cheapest member of the line; but with its sleek design, it was still a popular guitar for its price, and thus was the best-selling member of the SG line.

Optional parts/variations include stop-tail vibrato (standard beginning in 1985) or Maestro vibrato (purchasable by 1962), soapbar pickup starting in 1966 (with larger pickguard, shown below).

Colors available were white and cherry, with Pelham blue available for a brief time around 1965.

The original SG Junior was discontinued in 1971; the line would be reintroduced between 1991 and 1994.