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Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones playing a Gibson Firebird III Gibson's Firebird is one of the most instantly recognizable rock guitars, thanks mostly to its 'reverse' shape - i.e., the longer horn on the body is at the bottom. This gives the guitar (and especially during the 1960's) its futuristic, almost lightning-bolt appearance. Of course, collectors know that many Firebirds exist in 'non-reverse' format (long horn on the top) as well. Nevertheless, it's a distinctive appearance that even many non-musicians recognize.

The first Firebird model appeared in 1963 and Gibson produced the guitar throughout the rest of the 1960's. A few reissues were produced in the 1970's and 80's, and then in earnest during the last decade.

The Firebird has gone through several iterations during its lifetime. The original was the reverse design, then starting in 1965 it began sporting the non-reversed body style. This is true not only of the original Firebird, but also the Firebird III and V models. In addition, the model has sported various types (and quantities) of pickups as well. The original model featured only a single humbucker.

The futuristic look is no accident: automobile designer Ray Dietrich was brought in to help come up with an original, new concept.


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Firebird I (1981-82)
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Firebird V
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