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Framus guitar Framus is a German guitar, bass, lap steel guitar, and banjo manufacturing company, that existed from 1946 until going bankrupt in 1975. The Framus brand was revived in 1995 as part of Warwick GmbH & Co Music Equipment KG in Markneukirchen (Germany).

Starting out as a maker of acoustic guitars, the company added electrics with the advent of rock & roll in the late 1950's. Nevertheless, the earliest Framus electric guitars were little more than slightly-modified acoustics with a single pickup attached. As time went on, the designs became more proficient, and by the mid-1960's the company's instruments were being imported into the United States by the Philadelphia Music Company. The brand gained new popularity in the mid-70's with a guitar called the Nashville.

Since 1995, musical instruments are being produced again under the name Framus. Today's Framus brand was revived by Hans Peter Wilfer (son of founder Fred Wilfer) as part of Warwick GmbH & Co Music Equipment KG in Markneukirchen (Germany). Along with a range of electric guitars, the company produces a small range of high-end tube amplifiers which are used by Killswitch Engage, Simple Plan, Unearth, Dead To Fall, The Deer In Your Headlights, Deer Velvet, August Burns Red, Los Angeles guitarist Dale Hauskins and many others.