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Fernandes guitar Fernandes Guitars is a guitar and accessory manufacturer that originated in Japan. Fernandes originated in Japan in 1969 building flamenco guitars. As the company grew it expanded production to include more acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, and accessories to become one of the biggest guitar manufacturer in Japan. During the 1970's, it became Japan's premier manufacturer of Fender copies; its Stratocaster copy, in particular, is generally considered a vastly superior instrument to the actual Fender Stratocaster's; this is due to the fact of the high quality guitar craftsmanship that came from Japan during the early 70's to compete with the American market. Fernandes also owns a brand for Gibson replicas: Burny.

Despite its high production figures, Fernandes is better known in the United States for its Sustainer system, which uses electromagnetism to vibrate a string for an infinite period, so long as the user continues to fret a note. Unlike the similar E-Bow, it can be used with a standard plectrum. Fernandes' custom shop has installed numerous Sustainers into guitars built by other manufacturers.

Fernandes continues to manufacture guitars that cover the range from inexpensive starter models to custom instruments of exceptional quality.