Fender Vintage Hot Rod Stratocaster

Fender Vintage Hot Rod Stratocaster on Ebay
Vitnage Hot Rod Stratocaster The Vintage Hot Rod strat by Fender represents a modern reissue of a couple of the company's classic Stratocaster designs. It is available in either 1957 or 1962 models.

The '57 Hot Rod features a DiMarzio bridge pickup, slimmer neck, and a lacquer finish available in two-tone sunburst, black, or candy apple red.

The '62 Hot Rod hs a reverse-wound middle pickup and lacquer finish available in three-tone sunburst, Olympic white (shown below), or Sherwood green.

This guitar was introduced in 2007 and is still available.

Value: The current model of this guitar carries a suggested retail price of $2,299.99. However, examples can be found on the secondary market for between $1,000.00 and $1,600.00.