Fender Lenny SRV Stratocaster

Fender Lenny SRV Stratocaster on Ebay
Stevie Ray Vaughan Lenny guitar In 2007 Fender released a Custom Shop replica of Stevie Ray Vaughan's beloved strat he'd nicknamed 'Lenny,' on which he had played and wrote a number of songs, including (appropriately enough) the instrumental "Lenny."

This limited-edition offering replicates the original L-series Stratocaster, and features a transparent mahogany shade finish. Idiosyncratic touches on the guitar (to reflect how Vaughan had customized his own copy over the years) include reflective 'SRV' stickers on the pickguard, faux 'abuse' along the body, mandolin-like inlay at the bridge, and a faux signature of Mickey Mantle on the back (the real one of which Vaughan received on his guitar in 1985).

This Custom Shop model, limited to only 185 units, was released on December 12, 2007, exclusively with Guitar Center outlets.

Value: Although the Lenny originally retailed for $17,000.00, it can now be found for around $10,000.00 to $12,000.00.