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Epiphone guitar The Epiphone Company is a manufacturer of guitars and other musical instruments founded in 1873 by Anastasios Stathopoulos. Epiphone was bought by Chicago Music Company in 1957 who also had owned Gibson Guitar Corporation. Epiphone was Gibson's main rival in the archtop market. Their professional archtops, including the Emperor, Deluxe, Broadway and Triumph, rivaled (and some contend surpassed) those of Gibson. Aside from their guitars, Epiphone also made bass guitars, banjos, and other stringed instruments. However, the company's weakness in the aftermath of World War II allowed Gibson to absorb it.

The most famous Epiphone model introduced by Gibson after taking over was the Casino. The Casino was made in the same shape and configuration as a Gibson ES-330 guitar. It has a very heavy sound and is a very good rhythm guitar due to its fairly thick sound when strummed. It is a genuine hollow body electric guitar with P90 pickups, which are of single-coil, non-humbucking construction.

The Casino is famous for being used by The Beatles. Paul McCartney was the first to acquire one and John Lennon and George Harrison followed suit soon after. Paul McCartney used his for the solo in Taxman and the Casino sound is very prevalent throughout Revolver and their later albums. John Lennon made his Casino one of his main guitars and used it for the rest of his time with the Beatles and into the 70s. Paul still uses his Casino in concert and studio today.

Epiphone is now a subsidiary of Gibson, somewhat like Squier is a subsidiary of Fender (the chief difference being that the Squier line of guitars was created in-house by Fender; in other words, there is no such thing as a pre-Fender Squier guitar). Because of this subsidiary relationship, many of the instruments look the same as the more expensive Gibson versions. However Epiphone still maintains its own line of archtop guitars.

Gibson produced Epiphone amplifiers in the 1960's which were basically copies or variations of Gibson and Fender amplifiers. These amplifiers were of a tube design and some had reverb and tremolo. Gibson decided to launch a new line of Epiphone amplifiers in 2005 with many different models including the So Cal, Blues Custom, and the Epiphone Valve Junior. The Valve Hot Rod and Valve Senior were released in 2009. The Valve Hot Rod is a 5w amp just like the Valve Junior, but has a gain and reverb control. The Valve Senior offers 18w of power, with a full eq, gain, volume, reverb, and presence control.


1958 Gothic Explorer / Flying V
1958 Korina Explorer
1958 Korina Flying V
AJ Masterbuilt Series
Barcelona CE
Barcelone (Classical)
Bard 12-String
BB King Lucille
Broadway (Acoustic)
Broadway Regent (Acoustic)
Broadway (Electric)
Broadway Reissue
Broadway Tenor
Caiola Custom
Caiola Standard
Casino FJ USA 1965
Casino Reissue
Casino Revolution
Classic (Classical)
Coronet (Electric Archtop)
Coronet (Solidbody)
Coronet USA
Coronet (import)
Cortez FT 45
Crestwood Custom
Crestwood Deluxe
DeLuxe Cutaway
DeLuxe Electric
DeLuxe Regent
Del Ray
Don Everly (SQ-180)
Dot (ES-335)
Dot Studio
EA/ET/ES Series (Japan)
El Diablo
Electar Model M
Elitist Series
Emperor (Acoustic)
Emperor / Emperor II (Electric)
Emperor Cutaway
Emperor Electric
Emperor Electric (Thinline)
Emperor Regent
Firebird 300
Firebird 500
Firebird VII
Flying V
Frontier FT 110
FT 30
FT 30 Caballero
FT 45
FT 79
FT 79 Texan
FT 85 Serenader 12-String
Ft 90 El Dorado
FT 95 Folkster
FT 98 Trobadour
FT 110
FT Series (Japan)
G 310
G 400
G 400 Custom
G 400 Deluxe
G 400 Limited Edition
G 400 Tony Iommi
G 1275 Custom Double Neck
Howard Roberts Standard
Howard Roberts Custom
Howard Roberts III
Inspiration Style A Tenor
Joe Pass (Emperor II)
Les Paul '56 Goldtop
Les Paul Ace Frehley
Les Paul Black Beauty
Les Paul Classic
Les Paul Custom
Les Paul Custom Plus (Flame top)
Les Paul Custom Silverburst
Les Paul Deluxe
Les Paul ES Limited Ed.
Les Paul Jr. '57 Reissue
Les Paul LP-100
Les Paul Sparkle Limited Ed.
Les Paul Special
Les Paul Special II
Les Paul Special Limited Ed.
Les Paul Standard
Les Paul Standard Baritone
Les Paul Standard Plus
Les Paul Studio
Les Paul Ultra
Les Paul XII
Melody Tenor
Nighthawk Standard
Noel Gallagher Union Jack (Super Nova)
Olympic (Acoustic)
Olympic Single
Olympic Double
Olympic Special
PR-350 CE
Pro 1
Pro 2
Recording A
Recording B
Recording C
Recording D
Recording E
Seville EC-100
SG SPecial
Sheraton (Japan)
Sheraton Reissue
Sheraton II
Slash Les Paul
Slash Les Paul Goldtop
Slash Les Paul Standard
Special/SG Special
Tom Delonge Signature ES-333
Trailer Park Troubadour Airscreamer
Triumph Regent
USA Map Guitar
USA Map Guitar Limited Ed.
Wilshire 12-String
Wilshire II
Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom
Zephyr Blues DeLuxe
Zephyr Cutaway
Zephyr DeLuxe
Zephyr DeLuxe Regent
Zephyr Electric
Zephyr Emperor Regent
Zephyr Regent
Zephyr Tenor

Bass Guitars

B-5 Acoustic Bass Viol
EA/ET/ES Series (Japan)
EB-0 Bass
EB-1 Bass
EB-3 Bass
EBM-4 Bass
Elitist Series Bass
Embassy Deluxe Bass
Explorer Korina Bass
Les Paul Special Bass
Newport Bass
Rivoli Bass
Thunderbird IV Bass
Viola Bass


Adelphi Mandolin
Mandobird VIII Mandolin
MM50 Mandolin
Strand Mandolin
Venetian Electric Mandolin
Zephyr Mandolin


Century Amp
Cornet Amp
E-30 B Amp
E-60 Amp
E-60 T Amp
E-70 Amp
E-1051 Amp
EA-12 RVT Futura Amp
EA-14 RVT Ensign Amp
EA-15 RVT Zephyr Amp
EA-15 RVT Zephyr Amp
EA-16 RVT Regent Amp
EA-22 RVT Mighty Mite Amp
EA-26 RVT Electra Amp
EA-28 RVT Pathfinder Amp
EA-32 RVT Comet Amp
EA-33 RVT Galaxie Amp
EA-35 Devon Amp
EA-50 Pacemaker Amp
EA-300 RVT Embassy Amp
EA-500T Panorama Amp
EA-600 RVT Maxima Amp
Electar Amp
Model 100
Zephyr Amp
Zephyr Dreadnought Amp

Effects Pedals

Chorus EP-CH-70
Delay EP-DE-80
Compressor EP-CO-20
Distortion EP-DI-10
Flanger EP-FL-60
Overdrive EP-OD-30