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Electro-Harmonix effects pedals Electro-Harmonix is a company founded by Mike Matthews which produces guitar effects pedals. The company has been going since 1968, and is famous for its pedals such as the Big Muff Pi fuzz/sustain, the Small Stone phase shifter, and the Electric Mistress flanger.

The first Electro-Harmonix product was the Axis fuzz pedal, the entire production run of which was bought out by Guild and sold under the name Foxey Lady. While working with Bob Myer on the early Big Muff design, Mike Matthews used a booster circuit Myer had incorporated into the design and marketed it as the LPB-1 or Linear Power Booster in 1969. This massively boosted a guitar signal to provide gain by clipping the signal, dramatically changing the sound. The new device provided a raw distorted sound, full of sustain and harmonics. Several similar devices followed such as the Treble Booster and Bass Booster. The new devices were extremely popular with guitarists.

Although the company stopped producing pedals beginning in the 1980's, Matthews was persuaded to start reissuing E-H's classic pedals, as well as new designs, after he saw how much money was being paid for vintage guitar effects.

Still going strong, Electro-Harmonix produces a range of higher-end guitar effects pedals for a variety of sounds.


10 Band Graphic Equalizer
12AY7 Mic Pre
16-Second Digital Delay
3 Phase Liner
5X Junction Mixer
Attack Equalizer
Bad Stone Phase Shifter
Bass Micro-Synthesizer
Big Muff Pi (1970's)
Big Muff Pi (1980's, larger lettering)
Big Muff Pi Reissue (modern)
Big Muff Sovtek
Black Finger Compressor Sustainer
Cathedral Stereo Reverb
Clap Track
Clone Theory
Crash Pad
Crying Tone Pedal
Deluxe Big Muff Pi
Deluxe Electric Mistress Flanger
Deluxe Memory Man
Deluxe Octave Multiplexer
Digital Delay/Chorus
Digital Rhythm Matrix DRM-15
Digital Rhythm Matrix DRM-16
Digital Rhythm Matrix DRM-32
Doctor Q Envelope Follower
Domino Theory
Echo 600
Electric Mistress Flanger
Electronic Metronome
English Muff'n
Frequency Analyzer
Full Double Tracking Effect
Fuzz Wah
Germanium4 Big Muff
Golden Throat
Golden Throat II
Golden Throat Deluxe
Hog Synthesizer
Hog Foot Controller
Hog's Foot Bass Booster
Holy Grail
Holy Grail Plus
Holy Stain
Hot Foot
Hot Tubes
Linear Power Booster LPB-1
Linear Power Booster LPB-2
Little Big Muff Pi
Memory Man/Stereo Memory Man
Micro Pog
Micro Synthesizer
Mini Q-Tron/Micro Q-Tron
MiniSynthesizer with Echo
Mole Bass Booster
Muff Fuzz
Muff Fuzz Crying Tone
Neo Clone
Octave Multiplexer Floor Unit
Octave Multiplexer Pedal
Panic Button
Poly Chorus/Stereo Poly Chorus
Pulsar/Stereo Pulsar
Pulse Moderator
Queen Triggered Wah
Random Tone Generator
Rhythm 12
Riddle: Q-Balls
Ring Thing
Rolling Thunder
Screaming Bird Treble Booster
Screaming Tree Treble Booster
Sequencer Drum
Slapback Echo
Small Clone
Small Stone Phase Shifter
Soul Preacher
Space Drum/Super Space Drum
Stereo Pulsar
Switch Blade
Talking Pedal
Tube Zipper
V256 Vocoder
Volume Pedal
Y-Triggered Filter
Zipper Envelope Filter


Freedom Brothers Amp
Mike Matthews Dirt Road Special Amp