Eastwood Guitars

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Eastwood guitar Eastwood Guitars is a Canadian / Korean company set up by Michael Robinson which reproduces an array of classic electric guitar designs.

The company was established by Michael Robinson because he wanted to re-create affordable and playable versions of rare vintage electric guitars that have long since gone out of production. The company's production philosophy is to create guitars which not only evoke classic looks and vintage sounds, but they are to be sold at a price point where they are meant to be played and not simply collected.

Eastwood guitars now produce around 20 guitar models, which have been greatly received by players and reviews. They also produce bass guitars which are either reproductions of classic bass guitar designs or adopted from their guitar designs.


Airline 2P Deluxe
Airline 3P Deluxe
Airline '59 1P
Airline '59 Coronado
Airline '59 Custom 2P
Airline '59 Custom 2P LE
Airline '59 Custom 3P
Airline '59 Newport
Airline '59 Town and Country Deluxe
Airline '59 Town and Country Standard
Airline Bighorn
Airline Bobkat
Airline H44 Deluxe
Airline H44 Deluxe LE
Airline H44 Standard
Airline H77
Airline H78
Airline Jetsons Jr.
Airline Jupiter
Airline Jupiter Pro Dallas Green
Airline Jupiter Pro
Airline Map
Airline Map Baritone
Airline Map Baritone Deluxe
Airline Tri-Tone
Airline Tuxedo Special
Airline Tuxedo
Airline Twin-Tone

Astrojet 2.0 Deluxe
Astroluxe Custom LTD
California Rebel
Classic 6
Classic 6 Deluxe
Classic 6 HB
Classic 12 String
Custom Kraft
Eastwood GP
Hi-Flyer Phase 4
Joey Leone Superfast
Mach Two
Marksman 5
P90 Special
Pete Shelley Starway Signature Ltd.
Saturn 63
Sidejack 12 Standard
Sidejack 12 Deluxe
Sidejack Baritone
Sidejack Baritone Deluxe
Sidejack Deluxe
Sidejack DLX
Sidejack HB
Wandre Tri-Lam
Warren Ellis Six

Bass Guitars

Airline Map Bass
Classic 4 Bass
EEB-1 Bass
EUB-1 Bass
Hi-Flyer Bass
Hurricane Bass
Sidejack Bass 32
Sidejack Bass VI
Stormbird Bass
Warren Ellis Tenor Bass
Warren Ellis 2P Tenor Bass
Warren Ellis Tenor Deluxe


Airline Folkstar (resonator guitar)
Airline Lap Steel
Airline Mandola
Delta-6 (resonator guitar)
Mandocaster 12
Warren Ellis Signature MandoTenor