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Duesenberg guitar Duesenberg Guitars is a German company producing high-end electric guitars and basses with a distinctive Art Deco design since 1986. Dieter Goelsdorf is the senior luthier. The company's name alludes to the legendary car company Duesenberg.

All models are built in the Duesenberg factory in Hannover; all hardware, including the single-coil/vintage, P-90 and humbucking pickups, are designed in-house.

The electric guitars feature solid and semi-solid, 12 and 6 string models. The range also includes signature models for German guitarist Carl Carlton, Ron Wood and Mike Campbell (of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers); a custom '49er' was built for Keith Richards. The latest version of the Starplayer TV incorporates Duesenberg's version of the piezo bridge.

In addition, the company has designed a range of replacement bridge/vibrato units. These include one based on the famous Bigsby vibrato and incorporates a novel locking device, while another is a bolt-on version of the B-Bender.

Carl Carlton signature model
Double Cat (6 & 12 string)
Mike Campbell signature model
Ron Wood signature model
Starplayer Special
Starplayer TV
Starplayer TV Outlaw
Bass Guitars
Starplayer Bass
Violin Bass