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DBZ guitar DBZ Guitars is an American guitar manufacturer owned and operated by Dean B. Zelinsky, and Jeff Diamant of Diamond Amplification, along with partner Terry Martin.

DBZ Guitars was officially formed in 2008, and is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with a USA custom shop operations located in the Chicago, Illinois area overseen 100% by CEO Dean Zelinsky, founder of the original Dean Guitars. Dean parted ways with Dean Corporate in mid 2008. The company website features an interactive home page and a forum, where Zelinsky personally communicates with fans of his guitars from around the world.

The company has a full line of electric guitars, both import and USA made, that include the DBZ Bolero, Barchetta, Cavallo, Imperial, Mondial, and the Bare Bones Religion Series.

For heavy metal and hard rock, DBZ Guitars has a Dark Side of Dean series as well that includes the DBZ Bird of Prey, Venom, Halcyon, and Bare Bones Religion Series.

DBZ Guitars offers acoustic guitars as well which include the Tuscan and the Verona with seventeen variations. The Montini Parlor acoustic was added in 2010.