Carr Amplifiers

Carr Amplifiers on Ebay
Carr Amplifiers Carr Amplifiers is a Pittsboro, North Carolina, manufacturer of high-end, hand-wired tube guitar amplifiers. Carr's amplifiers are praised for their workmanship and high-end components. The amplifiers with 6L6 tubes are compared to classic Fender amps.

Many of Carr's amplifiers have switchable power outputs, adding to their versatility, according to professional reviews.

Carr Amplifier models include:

Vincent (7/33 watts, two 6L6, one 12AT7, and three 12AX7 tubes, and a 12" Eminence speaker)
Rambler (30 watts, two Svetlana 6L6 tubes and a 12" Weber speaker)
Slant 6V (18/22/40 watts, four 6L6, four 12AX7, and four 12AT7 tubes, and a 12" Eminence speaker)
Mercury (1/10-8 watts, one EL34 or KT66, one 12AT7, and two 12AX7 tubes, and a 12" Carr Kingpin speaker)