Caparison Guitars

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Caparison guitar Caparison Guitars is a Japan-based manufacturer of custom shop electric guitars established in 1995 by former Jackson/Charvel Japan designer Itaru Kanno and is owned by Kyowa Shokai, a company that makes contracts with factories to produce guitars for them (like Hoshino Gakki). The company's main design office is based in Tokyo, Japan and the guitars themselves are designed by Caparison Design and manufactured in Nagoya, Japan together with Lida Gakki, which has been a OEM manufacturer in the past.

Caparison Guitar models include the 7 String Dellinger, Angelus, Michael Romeo Signature, Chris Amott Signature and Apple Horn (Mattias Elkundh Signature). Caparison currently has a Dellinger bass guitar in production. Another notable Caparison guitar is the Orbit which is recognizable for its unusual take on the standard 'Flying V' shape; the Orbit added a curve at the left of the neck joint and possesses the signature Caparison 27-fret neck.

Caparison makes its own humbucking as well as single coil guitar pickups. The company also produces a dual-rail humbucking pickup that fits into the footprint of standard single coil pickup (However the back of many Caparison pickups have the GOTOH MIJ stamped to the bottom plate so Not all may be made in house as originally drafted). Another common feature on Caparison Guitars is the use of Push/Pull volume and tone potentiometers. These special pots are used to activate coil splitting and pickup selecting functions on certain models.