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Breedlove guitar Breedlove Guitars was established in 1990 by luthiers Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson, while working at Taylor Guitars. After moving to Oregon, Breedlove and Henderson began specializing in custom, fingerstyle six and twelve string guitars. In 1991 the first Breedlove guitar model appeared, after experiments with the JLD bridge truss system and various bracing techniques. At the 1992 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) trade, Breedlove and Henderson unveiled five models and three body types. Around 1994, Larry's brother, Kim Breedlove, joined Larry and Steve as a master craftsman. Breedlove strives to be environmentally conscious, and is "dedicated to selecting alternatives to endangered rainforest woods." Breedlove has since expanded to include mandolins and ukuleles.

Breedlove innovations include sound profiling technology, which has been implemented to twenty five guitar models, including the Parlor, Concerto, and Dreadnought. This technology involves an analysis of the sound board to ensure specific thickness reaches the desired frequency and that the ideal match of top and back is a weight that results in a precise sound meeting a high clarity standard. Other innovations include the use of smaller sound hole studies to produce guitars with extreme clarity and resonance.

Guitar models currently include the Exotic Series, Masterclass Series, Legacy Series, Premier Series, Oregon Series, Stage Series, Studio Series, Solo Series, Passport Series, Pursuit Series, and Discovery Series, as well as 12-string models and Bass models, and Limited edition and Signature Models. The Voice series, reviewed by Guitar Player in 2012, was praised for the quality of construction and various innovative elements, including a "Tru-Voice Electronics System" which, according to Dave Hunter, "for live performance ... comes closer to a seamless acoustic-to-amplified transition than virtually any other flat-top I've played."

Mandolin models currently include the Master Class, Premier Mandolins and American Series.


AC25/SF Plus
AD20/SM (Atlas)
Bossa Nova
C1 / C10
C2 / C22
C5 / Northwest
C20 Limited Ed. (Bralizian)
C25 Custom
Classic XII
CM Classic
Ed Gerhard
Exotic VI
Focus Special Edition
Focus Special Ed. Jumbo 12
J Series
King Koa
Mark IV Custom
Myrtlewood Limited 01
Northwest Classic
RD20 X/R
SJ20-12 W

Bass Guitars

Atlas Series Solo BJ350/CM4 Bass
Atlas Series Solo BJ350/CM4 Fretless
Atlas Series Studio BJ350/SM5, 5 string
Atlas Series Studio BJ350/SM4
Atlas Series Stage BJ350/CR4