Baldwin on Ebay
Baldwin guitar After over a century manufacturing and marketing pianos and other keyboard instruments, Baldwin next attempted to capitalize on the growth of pop music. After an unsuccessful bid to buy Fender, the company bought Burns of London in 1965 for $380,000, and began selling the guitars through the their piano retail outlets. Unused to marketing guitars, the Baldwin stores failed to interest many guitar buyers, and sales proved lacklustre. In 1967, Baldwin also bought Gretsch guitars, which had its own experienced guitar sales force and a distribution network of authorized retail outlets. However, Fender and Gibson continued to dominate, and sales did not reach expected levels. The Gretsch guitar operation was sold back to the Gretsch family in 1989.

The company is now a subsidiary of Gibson Guitar Corporation.


Baby Bison (Model 560)
Bison (Model 511)
Double Six (Model 525)
GB 65
GB 66 DeLuxe
GB 66 Standard
Jazz Split Sound (Model 503)
Marvin (MOdel 524)
Model 706
Model 712 R/T Electric
Model 801 CP Electric Classical
Vibraslim (Model 548)
Virginian (Model 550)

Bass Guitars

Baby Bison Bass
Bison Bass
GB 66 Bass
Jazz Split Sound Bass
Nu-Sonic Bass
Shadows (Signature) Bass
Vibraslim Bass


Exterminator Amp
Model B1 Bass Amp
Model B2 Bass Amp
Model C1 Custom (Professional) Amp
Model C2 Custom Amp
ProfessionAl Deluxe