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Babicz guitar Babicz Guitars is a maker of high-end acoustic and electric guitars and a producer of innovative and licensable guitar technology. The Babicz Guitars offices are in Poughkeepsie, New York, 90 miles north of Manhattan.

Babicz guitars is most well known for its 3 patented technologies: the Continually Adjustable Neck, the Lateral Compression Soundboard, and the Torque Reducing Split Bridge. In addition to selling guitars, Babicz Guitars licenses these technologies to other guitar manufacturers such as C. F. Martin & Company and Michael Kelly Guitars.

The Babicz Continually Adjustable Neck is used to adjust the action of the guitar from a low electric feel all the way to high slide feel all without changing the tuning or intonation of the guitar and can be done anytime without detuning. This is because unlike previous neck adjustments there is no tilting or pivoting. The neck slides in a pocket parallel to the slides of the guitar not altering scale length or string tension. This is done by inserting a 3/16" allen wrench into the trap plate on the back of the guitar and turning it in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

Unlike a standard 6-string guitars, Babicz anchors their strings fanned out along the edge of the soundboard near the side. The strings pass through the string retainer and over the saddle. By anchoring the strings in this fashion the overall tension of the strings is spread across the top and not concentrated in the center, which is the weakest part of the top. This allows Babicz use to a lighter form of bracing on the top other than the rigid X-brace which can impede the vibration of the top often dampening the sound of the guitar.

This feature allows the player to adjust the intonation of the guitar throughout its life. Loosening the fasteners on the bridge allows it slide back and forth to adjust the intonation when needed unlike standard guitars with glued bridges.