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Airline guitar Airline Guitars were a brand of electric and acoustic guitars made in the US from 1958-1968 by the Valco Manufacturing Company, and sold through Montgomery Ward. (The Valco company is known for its flagship National and budget Supro guitar brands, which were in production up until the companies' demise in 1968.) Today, old Valco guitars are played by a wide array of bands and artists including David Bowie, The Cure, PJ Harvey, and Calexico, yet they are most popularly associated with Jack White of The White Stripes. Due to their re-emerging popularity in contemporary rock music, and their relative scarcity in the guitar-sale market, original Res-O-Glas guitars (models made with fiberglass bodies) in excellent condition are known to sell for as much as $2,000.00 - $3,000.00.

In the world of guitar collecting, the angular red Airline model associated with Jack White is commonly referred to as the JB Hutto model, after the bluesman and slide guitar artist J. B. Hutto. Hutto was the first most visible musician to regularly use the guitar in live performances and recordings.

In the early to mid 2000's, the Eastwood guitar company acquired the rights to use the Airline brand-name; however, the Eastwood guitar company has never been directly affiliated with the long-defunct Valco company. Original Valco Airline guitars were all made in the US, whereas today's Eastwood Airline guitars are made in factories based in South Korea or China.

Note: The listings below do not reflect individual items, but each one indicates a range of items. So many different guitars and amps were produced under the Airline name that it is difficult to distinguish all of them, let alone comprehensively catalog them. Each listing will give an average price for items falling under the appropriate description.


1x6" Speaker Tube Amp
1x8" Speaker Tube Amp
1x10" Speaker Tube Amp
1x12" Speaker Tube Amp
2x12" Speaker Tube Amp
Higher-End Tube Amp
Premium Tube Amp


Acoustic Res-O-Glas Resonator
Amp-in-Case Model
Archtop Acoustic
Electric Hollowbody
Electric Res-O-Glas
Electric Res-O-Glas Resonator
Electric Solidbody - lower-end
Electric Solidbody - higher-end
Flat-Top Acoustic

Bass Guitars

Electric Solidbody Bass
Pocket 3/4 Bass